I am a motion designer
& graphic designer.

Motion reel

Logo and visual identity of the Prague 10 district — Corporate identity (unrealized)

StarDance VII — Logo (Czech Television)
Neviditelní — Opening Titles (Czech Television)

Arkol — Corporate identity

Viadukt Karlín — Corporate identity (unrealized)

The Memorial of the National Oppression and Resistance — Corporate identity

Já, Mattoni — Opening Titles (Czech Television)

Klenota.cz — PF 2023

Iscare — Logo redesign

60 years of Czech Television — Logo (Czech Television)

Bohéma — Opening Titles (Czech Television)

CzechJazz Workshop Prague 2012 — Corporate identity

TGM — Memorial publication

70 years since the end of World War II (Czech Television)

Profishot — Corporate identity

Logo and visual identity of the Prague 6 district — Corporate identity (unrealized)

Logo and visual identity of the Šachy Újezd nad Lesy — Corporate identity

Neviditelní — Illustration (Czech Television)
Prague Spring Music Festival — Motion Design (Dynamo design)

Logos (Czech Television)

StarDance VI — Logo (Czech Television)

Daneco — Toy Design

Hairdressing Academy — Motion Design

Palacký University Olomouc — Corporate identity (unrealized)

Uherské Hradiště — Motion Design (Dynamo design)

FiNeDENT — Corporate identity

Banka Creditas — Motion Design (Dynamo design)

Daneco — Corporate identity

Story of Czech design — Opening Titles (Czech Television)

Albatros 65 — Corporate identity

Marta & Věra — Opening Titles (Czech Television)
Paterčata — Opening Titles (Czech Television)

Neviditelní — Posters (Czech Television)

BytByt.cz — Corporate identity

Prostřeno — Opening Titles